Saturday, February 4, 2012

The advantages and disadvantages of Cutting Down a Tree ...

Cutting down trees on a large scale is one of the major factors of global warming. Carbon dioxide is released in the air when trees are cut or burned. It increases the earth?s temperature causing glaciers to melt and sea-levels to rise causing massive floods. Illegal logging is the biggest threat to the loss of trees. Felling down trees can cause soil erosion since there are no tree roots to take in the water.

Sometimes it is necessary to cut down a tree for safety reasons or its interference with power lines or other hazards. Felling a large tree can be very dangerous if not done correctly.

The best and the most preferred is the power chainsaw. This tool is gas powered, about 50 inches in length and has a durable hard plastic outer covering. It is very important to learn the operational procedure and to read the operators manual before starting the task. It is important to hold the chain saw with both hands when in operation as it is very dangerous using only one hand.

Note the natural lean of the tree, its weight or any broken branches which could break off during the cutting process. The power of wind and its direction should also be taken into consideration. The tree should not be taller than your drop zone area. Your path of retreat should be at least 45 degrees from the direction of the fall of the tree.

With the one-man saw one man can cut down a tree or cut a tree trunk into the desired lengths. The saw mainly cuts on the push stroke but because of the way the teeth are cut, there is also some cutting on the pull. If you are using a two-man saw make sure you have a friend available.

Get a Chainsaw with proper bar length and sharpened chain you have the option of using a chainsaw which is powered by electricity, compressed air, hydraulic power or a two-stroke engine. So, now you know what to do and what equipment you need when you start cutting down a tree.

If you want more helpful tidbits, please have a look at how to cut down trees; or you should also visit electric chainsaw reviews.


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